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Mulligan Golf

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Golf clubs do not require any standardized area and the vaping with varying is the key part of the game. Professional golf courses have 18 holes but the recreational level has 9 holes as well.

Each hole has a tee box at the putting green area. The hole can be of 11cm in diameter with or without “dogleg”. Different hindrances in the game are added by changing the terrain such as sand and rock paths, water patches, long grass, etc

Golf courses are the standardized area of the terrain with the teeing ground and the starting hole always consists of one or two pointers. Normally, golf courses consist of 18 holes but many small courses also comprise 9 holes.

The game is made difficult by adding many hazards in the terrain that may consist of long and rough grass around the holes, the rocky paths, the deserted patches, and the water patches in the course.