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How to increase your driver distance and gain 50 yards on your drive?

How to increase your driver distance and gain 50 yards on your drive?

How to increase your driver distance and gain 50 yards on your drive?


Whether you are a tour player or an amateur golfer, you are probably reading this article for tips to hit the ball further. As an aspiring golfer, you may already know that this sport is all about precision and technique. Maximizing your distance further requires both planning and practice. It's not an easy task to gain 50 yards on your drive in the first go. We all know the impact of a successful shot on the tee, it can boost confidence and give a good start the game deserves. In this article, we have some expert tips to help you enhance your driver distance further.


6 tips to improve your driver distance

1.     Right equipment

First and foremost, you must have the right equipment to ensure you get the best tee shot. For instance, you must have the right set of golf shoes to prevent any possibility of slippage. Also, a key factor of how much distance we could gain is the combination of shaft and driver head chosen by the golfer. Always ask the experts and find the best one rather than purchasing one off the rack. See if you can find a custom fitter driver that meets your golfing needs too.

2.     Get fundamentals sorted

It's all in the swing. From poor weight transfer to incorrect grip, there are several factors a golfer must perfect to increase their driver distance. Focus on getting the fundamentals sorted and practice your swing to achieve the distance.

3.     Consistent practice

Every shot you hit requires consistency. The trajectory and force applied on the tee box require that you maintain consistency. This can only be achieved through practice and fundamental motor memory of the swing mechanics.

4.     Shorten your shaft

For golfers looking to achieve more distance, the trick is to shorten their shaft. It's obvious that longer shafts will help you swing your club faster, but it can get challenging to find a clubface with a longer shaft. This will directly impact your driver distance.

5.     Refine your technique

To get extra resistance in the backswing and to have a stable base, it's always advisable to take a wider stance. Even when you are going for a backswing, ensure you take a big shoulder rotation with the left shoulder comes across the right knee cap.

6.     Get the right tee height

To ensure you enhance the driver distance, make sure you are teeing the ball at the right height. Next time, during your practice sessions, try different tee heights and track your impact location.


Maximizing the distance with your driver is more than just the technique. It involves, using the right equipment, practice, and strategy. While we have given you our top six tips to improve your driver distance and gain 50 yards, remember to practice. Always, start by getting the basics right, choose the best golf products to help you increase your driver distance.