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What are the benefits of walking the golf course?

Golfing is a great sport, especially for those who love spending time outdoors. Stunning views, fresh air, and good physical activity. Apart from being on the greens, golfing is a chance to disconnect to connect. Most golf courses are over 4 miles, and walking around the premises will help you achieve your daily step goals.

While some golfers prefer walking, the other use a motorized cart to get around 18 holes on the golf course. While we understand it's always easier to ride and not have long walks between tees, but remember it's also about the activity and exercise. Golfing is just no about the game, it's also a way to maintain your health and wellness. There's often a misconception that golfing doesn't have the physical benefits like other sports - not true!

What are the benefits of walking the golf course?

A recent study indicated that if you choose to walk the golf course carrying a bag, over an 18 hole round, you tend to lose 721 calories on average. An 18 hole golf course is four miles of the walk. Let's take a look at some of the key benefits of walking the golf course.

1. When you choose to walk on the golf course, the results of calories burnt may fluctuate. But, it is also proven that it gets you moderate to vigorous activity required for health maintenance and wellness.
2. Apart from the health benefits, we would also like to highlight the cost-effectiveness. If you are riding the cart four times a week, golfing can become an expensive affair.
3. Believe it or not, walking over carting helps you lower the risk of heart disease and maintains the overall health of your heart. While walking the golf course, your heart rates tend to increase which helps you keep your cardiovascular diseases in check.
4. After a long week of work, golfing is undoubtedly one of the best activities to deal with stress. The clean and fresh air, the long walks, and the game itself help you keep stress and anxiety at bay.

Although golf carts are great to move around the course quickly and hassle-free, it also stops you from being active. Walking is the most fundamental exercise, and it can produce results equivalent to a 45-minute fitness class. To help you with this physical activity, get one of the best pushcarts or find a great stand bag in which you can carry along with you at ease. Also, walking back and forth to your golf ball from the cart is not easy if you don't have the right club. Now that you know the truth about walking the golf course, we encourage you to do so more frequently to stay in shape.